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About Us

Since 2008, Studenti Bocconiani Liberali - Milton Friedman Society is committed to spreading ideals of individual and economic freedom throughout the Bocconi Community and beyond through articles, events, posts on social media, and now even podcasts and newsletters.​​

We are committed to the spreading of liberal economic culture and individual dignity as an instrument of freedom, democracy, and justice for all. We promote the reform of institutions impeding democracy, market economies, individual enterprise, self-determination, human rights, economic independence and freedom from all forms of coercion. We support equality of opportinities as compared to other concepts of social equality based on equal outcomes.

Our main activities:



Weekly selection of Economical, Financial, and Political news.
Subscribption available on the Homepage.


Commentary and recap on the global most relevant news.
Find us on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and other major platforms.


Commentaries on trending topics and analysis on libertarian issues.

Available on this website.

Prominent guests on our core themes and values, organized
(at least!) monthly both privately and publicly.

Social Media

Online activism and updates on all our activities are avialble on our social media pages.

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Meet The Team


Tommaso Roccuzzo

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Originally from Turin, I am currently enrolled for my third-year student of International Economics and Finance major in Economics at Bocconi University. Radical libertarian, I have made mine Milton Friedman’s words “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will end up with a high degree of both”.


Sem Manna

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Third-year student of International Politics and Government at Bocconi University and Meneghino d.o.c. I dream of a Federal Europe and I’m passionate about political and individual freedoms, cats, toasted pistachios, and Game Theory applications to the study of International Relations.


Edoardo Sirotti

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I attend the second year of Economics and Finance at Bocconi University. I come from Sassuolo, the land of tortellino and tiles. I’m an avid supporter of individual freedoms, very interested in politics, enthusiast of poetry and Formula1.


Augusto De Bellis

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Born in Taranto, I’m currently enrolled for my second year of the undergraduate program Bachelor in International Economics and Finance (major in Finance). Great supporter of political and individual freedoms, deeply interested in its various applications in the world of Finance. I also really enjoy history, running and coding.


Noah Harney

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Born and raised in New York City, I am in my second year of the International Economics and Management program at Bocconi. As a libertarian, I am a staunch believer in individual liberty and minimal domestic government interference. I am particularly interested in diplomacy and economic development. On a personal note, I love to cook and run.


Vojtěch Balon

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Born and raised in the Czech Republic and having lived in 5 countries, I am a first-year MSc Accounting, Financial Management & Control student at Bocconi. I am deeply concerned about the current political situation in Eastern Europe, and probably use Milton Friedman's quote “The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem” way too much. In my free time, I enjoy skiing, reading, and watching the NHL.


Inês Dias Ferreira

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I am a first-year student of the MSc in Marketing Management at Bocconi University and previously enrolled in the BSc in Economics at Nova SBE. Enthusiast of libertarian thinking and fervent supporter of individual freedom. I have a low-key hobby in photography and running. 

david dana.png

Eduardo David Dana

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Born in Switzerland, but living my whole life in the US, I am a first-year International Economics and Management student here at Bocconi. For the most part, I believe in traditional values, a limited government, and low taxes. In my free time, I enjoy working out, watching Suits, and listening to Ben Shapiro talk really fast.


Margherita Demattè

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Born in Belluno, a small town at the foot of the Dolomites, I am currently enrolled for my fourth year of Law at Bocconi University. I am interested in political freedoms and individual autonomy, with special regard to their implementation in the EU, and AI. I dream of working for the EU and contributing to its global relevance.

Economics, Politics and Liberalism

Francesco D’Ignazio

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From Bologna, I am currently enrolled in the second year of the DES-ESS course. I consider myself a classical liberal, but what I have always enjoyed about Friedman Society is the diversity of opinions you will find in the broader world of liberalism. My main interests are historical processes, monetary policy, global trade, and the economics of energy resources.

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Anton Memminger

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Raised in Germany's financial capital, Anton spent plenty of his time wondering about how to successfully build and manage a business. In his father he found a mentor who amplified these interests and guided him through the ideological aspects of economics using extensive examples from his studies under Merton Miller and Eugene Fama.


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